Selling advertising space on Visitor Information Bays.

Visitor Information Bay advertisements

Selling advertising space on Visitor Information Bays

27th April 2018

Visitor Information Bays are still a key way to orient visitors and provide information about the attractions, service and facilities available in your area. In read more…

Interpretive signage

Interpretive signage – getting it right the first time

2nd February 2018

Interpretive signage projects require considerable investment so it is important to get it right. Often we see interpretive signage that has missed the basics of read more…

2017 WA Regional Tourism Conference

REGIONAL TOURISM – Giving tourists a reason to visit your town or region

6th October 2017

We recently attended the WA Tourism Council’s 2017 Tourism Conference. It was held in Albany – this was the first time it was held in read more…

Place branding – a key requirement for economic development in cities, towns and regions.

14th September 2017

After our article on place branding, we were interested to read an interview by economic development expert, Gene DePrez covering the same topic. DePrez has read more…

Destination branding

What is place or destination branding?

1st September 2017

Start with the brand strategy – understand the brand. To build a strong brand amid increasing competition, across social media and possibly across mass media read more…

WA Tourism Economy

Forecasts for the Tourism economy in Western Australia

11th August 2017

What does this mean for tourism destinations? This week, the Committee for Perth released a FACTBase Bulletin as part of its Bigger and Better Beyond read more…

Economic Benefits of Trails | Wayfound, Fremantle

Could a trail revitalise your town or region?

26th May 2017

A success story from the Midwest of the USA   The Western Australian Department of Sport & Recreation has just released the Western Australian Strategic read more…

Where’s it app? Do we need a mobile friendly website or a mobile app for our tourist trails?

28th April 2017

Recently, local and regional governments and tourism organisations have been asking if they need a mobile app to help promote and enhance the visitor experience read more…

Visitor Information Maps

How to create high-quality Visitor Information Maps

17th March 2017

Wayfound’s suite of services includes the creation of the humble visitor information map. They don’t win any prizes for design, they just do their job read more…

Tourism UX

What is User Experience (UX) and how does it relate to tourism?

3rd March 2017

According to Wikipedia, UX refers to a person’s emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system or service. It includes the practical, experiential, affective, read more…

Drive Tourism

What is drive tourism and what does it mean to tourist destinations?

24th February 2017

Tourism and Events Queensland describes the drive tourism market as “visitors who travel for leisure and use a vehicle to reach their destination. This includes read more…

Interpretation and Interpretive Signage

Interpretation and Interpretive Signage

20th January 2017

Whenever we go on holidays – this time to South Australia – we are always interested in all types of signage. As visitors who don’t read more…

WA Tourism Awards 2016

Tourism Council WA calls for $20 million annual investment in tourism in Western Australia

18th November 2016

On 14 November 2016, Tourism Council WA CEO Evan Hall announced its priority for the 2017 State Government. They are calling for an additional $20 read more…

Denham Foreshore Revitalisation by Fremantle Creatives

31st October 2016

We just got back from Denham, Shark Bay where they held the 400 year anniversary of Dirk Hartog landing in Shark Bay. This was the read more…

Laverton Town Sign

Making a Statement

14th October 2016

Earlier this week we dispatched Kim to the town of Laverton in the Eastern Goldfields. Laverton is the first and last stop for people leaving read more…

2016 Travel Trends from Google

7th October 2016

In 2015, we wrote about Google’s research into smartphone searches in Australia and explained their ‘I want to …’ concept. Google has just released new read more…

Three questions for successful brands

8th February 2016

And how one small town in the USA increased visitor numbers by 500% in 12 months. Successful brands know themselves and their customers’ values. We read more…

We are passionate about great signage

22nd January 2016

Kim and Maryann just had 3 weeks travelling around Tasmania for the Christmas/New Year break. It was excellent. One thing that we always look at read more…

2015 Australian Tourism data you can’t ignore

2nd October 2015

The first day of the 2015 WA Tourism Conference gave lots of insights and inspiration for Western Australia’s tourism industry. We think some of the read more…

Fremantle Signage

7th September 2015

As we are based in Fremantle we thought it was time that we did a walk around our own backyard and discover some of the read more…

Part 2. What you need to know to commission a new Visitor Information Website

31st July 2015

You don’t need to be a technical expert to commission new visitor information website project. But, understanding the process and knowing a little about the read more…

Part 1. What Makes a Good Visitor Information Website?

24th July 2015

When you’re trying to attract visitors to your destination, you’re competing with every other destination. So, the first place to make your destination stand out read more…

Tourist trails attract visitors to local areas

17th July 2015

Tourist destinations need activities and events to attract visitors Tourism is a key economic driver in Western Australia, generating more than 94,000 jobs and injecting read more…

Visitor signage is a key part of destination marketing and management

2nd July 2015

Visitor signage is a key part of destination marketing and management. Signage has many functions – it can attract visitors, provide direction and wayfinding, inform and read more…

Regional tourism & destination marketing – local government key

23rd June 2015

Local government plays a central role in creating great regional tourism & destination marketing experiences by providing infrastructure, destination marketing and visitor information and supporting read more…

A toolkit for creating great tourism experiences

19th June 2015

In 2011, the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) released EXPERIENCES, a toolkit for tourism businesses.   The toolkit was based on extensive research with travellers from read more…

7 Questions for Creating Great Visitor Experiences & Destinations

10th June 2015

  Here are the 7 essential questions that every local government and regional tourism association need to answer to create great visitor experiences. Over the last read more…

The Challenges of Online Destination Marketing

8th May 2015

In this era of information overload, destinations face the challenge of providing great information online. The purpose of destination websites is to engage users, measure read more…

Free Wifi – Benefits Visitors And The Destination

11th March 2015

Free Public Wifi – improves the visitor experience, makes bookings easy & valuable data for future marketing. Wayfound can take care of WiFi planning, installation, read more…

Is good quality Information Bay Signage important for destination marketing?

9th February 2015

How important is Information Bay Signage to the overall mix in a locality or regional destination marketing strategy? Is it crucial to the visitors decision read more…

Tourism signage – how does yours rate?

21st February 2014

In these days of global positioning systems, satellite navigation, mobile phones and i-pads with maps, you might think that signage is on the way out read more…