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2nd July 2015

Visitor signage is a key part of destination marketing and management

Visitor signage is a key part of destination marketing and management. Signage has many functions – it can attract visitors, provide direction and wayfinding, inform and educate.  It also plays a critical role in linking visitors to the “product” or experiences within the area.

Destinations invest a lot in marketing and creating great tourism experiences but often fail to think about the importance of good signage at the destination. To ensure that tourism benefits the local community and the local economy, visitors to the area need to be given appropriate directions to locate attractions, amenities and services easily.

Signage needs to be viewed as the final link in destination marketing and  product development.


Effective tourism signage has benefits for visitors and the community.

  • Helps with marketing and provision of visitor information by directing visitors to attractions, features and amenities, that they may not have known existed before arriving in town.
  • Provides opportunities for the area to promote interactions between visitors and the local community. For example, signs might direct visitors to the town’s centre where local businesses might benefit from visitor spending and visitors benefit from talking to locals about what’s on offer.
  • Enhances the overall experience of visitors as it enables them to arrive at their destination safely, find the services they need or want, and leave with a positive perception of the community.

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