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Signage & Information.

Specialists in tourism signage

From experience, we know that tourism signage and access to visitor information is a major issue that is often not considered or managed well by destinations.

The purpose of tourism signage and information is primarily to:

  • safely and efficiently guide motorists to their destination
  • inform visitors of the range of attractions and services available within a destination
“We don’t just talk about signage. We talk about tourism …”

Wayfound’s strategic signage services cover all aspects of signage planning, creation and management. You can rely on us to think strategically and holistically about all aspects of tourism signage and to recommend practical solutions. Signage represents a significant investment for government and communities. Once it’s installed it tends to be in place for a long time. So, it makes sense to get it right, with careful planning about its purpose and what information users need.

Wayfound’s strategic signage consultancy was established to assist local governments and facility operators to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of their signage.

Our strategic tourism signage services include:

  • Audits and inventories
  • Masterplans and signage strategy
  • Route mapping and visitor maps
  • Pedestrian and vehicle wayfinding
  • Signage systems & design – wayfinding, interpretive, visitor information bays, facilities & buildings
  • Signage style guides and templates
  • Signage specification and preparation of tenders
  • Signage supply and installation
  • Inspection and sign maintenance schedules
  • Creation of tourism trails – including self-drive trails

We understand the technical aspects of signage design and the application of Australian signage standards.

We also understand that, in addition to physical signs, visitors use a combination of sources to access information. So, we also design and build tourism websites and mobile apps (with links to GPS), create brochures and printed marketing materials and things like town maps.

Contact us to discuss your visitor information or visitor signage needs.