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  • Creating Great Visitor Experiences & Destinations

10th June 2015

7 Questions for Creating Great Visitor Experiences & Destinations


Here are the 7 essential questions that every local government and regional tourism association need to answer to create great visitor experiences.
Over the last 10 years, there’s been a shift away from traditional tourism products and thinking to creating experiences that visitors can immerse themselves in. 

The notion that – tourists aren’t just observers but want to be actively engaged in unique activities that they can’t do anywhere else – is a good way to think about what kinds of products and services you create at your destination.

So, what are the key question for local governments and regional tourism associations to start with to create great visitor experiences?

  1. What makes our community special (e.g. people, places, stories, traditions, activities)?
  2. What memories do we want our visitors to leave with?
  3. What traveller interests are aligned with what we have to offer?
  4. Who do I need to collaborate with to craft a relevant, engaging visitor experience?
  5. Which experiential programs exist, or could be developed, to form the foundation of a package or elements of a package?
  6. How can the experience be personalised?
  7. What unique, authentic and local treasures can be celebrated, showcased or engaged in?

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