Understanding brown tourist attraction road signs.

Brown tourist attraction road signs - Regional NSW

Understanding brown tourist attraction road signs

25th May 2018

Wayfound has recently completed consultations for tourism signage strategies in two regional areas, one in Western Australia and one in NSW. And despite being on read more…

Visitor Information Bay advertisements

Selling advertising space on Visitor Information Bays

27th April 2018

Visitor Information Bays are still a key way to orient visitors and provide information about the attractions, service and facilities available in your area. In read more…

Eyre Peninsula - Wayfound signage audit

Taking stock of EP visitor infrastructure

13th December 2017

Kim and David spent two weeks in Eyre Peninsula auditing all of their tourism signage and consulting with local and regional government and tourism information read more…

Destination branding

What is place or destination branding?

1st September 2017

Start with the brand strategy – understand the brand. To build a strong brand amid increasing competition, across social media and possibly across mass media read more…

Wayfound signage style guide

Signage Style Guides

12th May 2017

What are they and why you need one   Over the years, Wayfound has worked with many local governments who need to improve how they manage and read more…

Visitor Information Bays – The key to the start of a great tourist experience

24th March 2017

Tourism is now recognised as one of the main economic drivers for regional Australia with both intrastate, interstate and overseas visitors choosing to visit the Australian countryside. When read more…

Visitor Information Maps

How to create high-quality Visitor Information Maps

17th March 2017

Wayfound’s suite of services includes the creation of the humble visitor information map. They don’t win any prizes for design, they just do their job read more…

Tourism UX

What is User Experience (UX) and how does it relate to tourism?

3rd March 2017

According to Wikipedia, UX refers to a person’s emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system or service. It includes the practical, experiential, affective, read more…

Pedestrian Wayfinding Signage

21st September 2015

Is good pedestrian wayfinding signage important? Yes – absolutely! Good pedestrian wayfinding signage and systems encourage people to walk and be out and about in read more…

Visitor signage is a key part of destination marketing and management

2nd July 2015

Visitor signage is a key part of destination marketing and management. Signage has many functions – it can attract visitors, provide direction and wayfinding, inform and read more…

Regional tourism & destination marketing – local government key

23rd June 2015

Local government plays a central role in creating great regional tourism & destination marketing experiences by providing infrastructure, destination marketing and visitor information and supporting read more…

7 Questions for Creating Great Visitor Experiences & Destinations

10th June 2015

  Here are the 7 essential questions that every local government and regional tourism association need to answer to create great visitor experiences. Over the last read more…

Funding Grants for Western Australian Regional Tourism Initiatives

5th June 2015

  Tourism is on the agenda in Western Australia! Funding grants for regional tourism initiatives have been announced by Tourism WA.  Tourism WA has just read more…

Free Wifi – Benefits Visitors And The Destination

11th March 2015

Free Public Wifi – improves the visitor experience, makes bookings easy & valuable data for future marketing. Wayfound can take care of WiFi planning, installation, read more…

Tourism signage – how does yours rate?

21st February 2014

In these days of global positioning systems, satellite navigation, mobile phones and i-pads with maps, you might think that signage is on the way out read more…