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23rd May 2014

What is the state of signage in your rural & regional council area?

Wayfound has recently surveyed Western Australian rural and regional councils about the state of tourist and interpretive signage in there areas. The results of the survey indicate most councils are unsure about the current state of their signage.

Good quality and accurate signage is important for a number of reasons. Obvious reasons are helping people to navigate, or to be informed and gain maximum enjoyment from visiting an historic site or place of natural beauty.
But what does the poor state of signage in your council convey to your residents and to visitors? Residents will respond to the good quality of their community assets through pride in the place and visitors are more likely to be motivated to visit more of the area’s attractions, stay longer and enthuse about the area to their friends, relatives and colleagues.

The principals of Wayfound travel regularly in rural and regional Western Australia and we know of numerous signs installed with good reason and good effect in the past. But, they are now in a serious states of neglect.

Wayfound is keen to help. Signage is what we do.

Through an initial audit and the establishment of a Signage Register we can assist your council by:

  • reviewing the current state and adequacy of all  of you signage
  • developing a signage strategy
  • reviewing and refining the branding and messaging of the council area
  • compiling a signage style guide
  • designing any new signage required; and
  • compiling tender specifications; and
  • managing the manufacture and installation of the signage.

We can then establish a regular inspection schedule for your signs and if required carry out those inspections and attend to any maintenance requirements.