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4th August 2017

Sign Language

Just spent a very interesting three weeks in France but it’s not all beer and skittles!
As usual I’m always on the look out for new and interesting signage materials and design and here’s some of what I found.

Colmar interactive information kiosks

In the medieval town of Colmar in Alsace they have these fantastic information kiosks that work just like a smart phone interface with touch screen pinch and pull.

The mapping section is really well done and it will give you the best route for walking to your destination. The kiosks also act as WIFI hubs.

Eguisheim ceramic interpretive panels

In another Alsace village – Eguisheim, they had these wonderful Ceramic interpretive panels. Each panel is constructed of a stone tile with the images and text fired and glazed onto the tile. Apart from really fitting in with the environment, this type of finish will last a long time and is almost impervious to vandalism.

Cluny Abbey 3D printed model interpretive sign

At the former Cluny Abbey (once the biggest abbey in Western Europe) they have used a 3D printed model of the abbey as part of the interpretive to show how this Abbey once looked. The dark grey is entire structure and the light grey is what remains.

France cycling route signage

As you would imagine in France their cycling routes are well marked. Lots of great cycling throughout the countryside. All routes are well signposted and in the mountain regions they have signs on all the “Cols” telling you what the gradient is, how long the climb is and elevation gained, all important stuff when you’re suffering!.