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Ceduna District Council – Ceduna Town Entry Statement


The Town of Ceduna is the gateway to South Australia for people crossing the Nularbor. The Town lies at the head of Murat Bay and is famous for fishing, oysters and agriculture. The Town also has a strong indigenous culture and a large immigrant population. The approach to Ceduna from the west is very underwhelming comprising of old poorly maintained advertising billboards, an old out of date visitor information bay containing the poorly maintained “Big Oyster”. One of councils goals is to regenerate this whole area with new landscaping and a visitors rest area.


We began this project by first meeting with the stakeholders to get an understanding of what they liked, what would best represent the town and overall provide an attractive approach to welcome visitors to the town. We developed our design based on the local aboriginal “coolomon”. The coolomon is a traditional indigenous carrying vessel. For the design we used four of these shapes each one represents a different aspect of Ceduna – indigenous culture, agriculture, Murat Bay and aquaculture.

The designs will be stood up at angles behind a low wall containing a welcome message and will be lit with led lighting at night. The concept design was overwhelmingly approved by council and budgeted for constructed in 2020.


  • Concept development and engineering drawings for Ceduna Town Entry Statement