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23rd June 2015

Perth Metro Council Signage – Does yours need updating or replacement?

Do you know if the signs in your Council need updating or replacing? We provide sign audits, inventories, planning, design & installation throughout the Perth metro and rural ares.a

The Wayfound consultants have travelled to each council area and photographed a sample of signage. These can be seen on The challenge section of our website.

A lot of the current council branded signage needs replacement or modification to ensure it contains up-to-date information, is legible and fit-for-purpose. Understanding how big that task will be is important.

Few, if any, councils have an inventory of their signage, its location, content and condition.

The types of council branded signage are diverse – parking signs (on the street and in carparks); in parks and reserves; on bike rakes, bus shelters and community centres; along the Perth foreshore; indicating administration centres, works depots and waste and recycling centres; and at council and individual suburb entry points. And a number of Perth metropolitan councils have commercial arrangements with businesses advertising on illuminated council branded signs at numerous intersections and along significant roads. This is where Wayfound comes in.

Wayfound can locate, photograph and geocode all of the council branded signage in a council area. This will provide current and  new councils with all of the data needed to progress the signage replacement and modification process. Go to our Services for more information.

Geocoding the location of each sign, enables the location (and photograph) to be seamlessly incorporated into existing council GIS systems. This makes the job of replacing and modifying branded signage more efficient by eliminating the need for council staff to spend considerable time in the field locating all branded signs – a task that Wayfound knows, from its own experience, to be daunting.