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6th February 2019

Micro moments on Google

What this means for content marketing in 2019.

In 2015, Google introduced the concept of Micro MomentsMicro Moments are a way to classify what and who smart phone users search on the Internet.

These Micro Moments are –

  • I want to know …
  • I want to go …
  • I want to do …
  • I want to buy …

The importance of Micro Moments has grown and in 2021 companies need to be mindful and to cater to what their market is trying to do. This is relevant whether you are a small or large business wanting to sell more, a tourist destination, a B2B looking for new leads or a government department trying to let people know about your services.

So What should you be doing in 2021 to cater to Micro Moments?

  1. Make sure your website offers a good experience and is easy to use on mobile devices.
  2. Ensure your content is relevant, useful and interesting – anticipate customer questions. Blog regularly, have FAQs, offer technical information. Include videos if they are helpful for understanding your products and services. Videos can be posted on your site via a video channel (eg. YouTube). Having a video also helps boost your search engine ranking.
  3. Make it easy for customers who use your site with well organised content and navigation. Include simple (but secure) log-ins facilities to make it easy for customers to do what they want to do (eg. make a booking, buy your product, submit a form, etc.).
  4. Have a live chat facility. These are now accessible and affordable for smaller companies and their research shows having live chat available helps to increase conversion rates. Here’s a recent article that compares the a number of live chat products currently available.

Here to go straight to the source – here’s Google’s latest information about Micro Moments.