Micro moments on Google.

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Micro moments on Google

6th February 2019

What this means for content marketing in 2019. In 2015, Google introduced the concept of Micro Moments. Micro Moments are a way to classify what and who read more…

Copywriter animated text

Do you need a copywriter?

20th April 2018

Do you need written content for your website, brochure, interpretive signs, display, blog, latest news, advertising? Some clients we have choose to write their own read more…

Wayfound mobile app design

When does a mobile app make good sense?

1st December 2017

Lots of businesses and organisations think they should have a mobile app. Creating an app is an expensive and time-consuming process. Apps are not easy read more…

Mapping the user journey

17th November 2017

To create a good user experience on your website – always focus on the user’s journey Most people now have access to multiple devices to read more…

Beacon emitting signal next to smart phone

Using beacons for Wayfinding

30th September 2016

At Wayfound and our sister business, Tangelo, we are always interested in new technologies, especially when they add to the options we can offer for read more…

Design Thinking – It’s not a trend it’s here to stay

29th April 2016

Leadership and design thinking intersect in successful companies   We’ve written about the difference design can make in organisations. And it’s not just the fluffy read more…