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9th October 2015

The most effective methods for local government communications

Australians find websites, personalised direct mail and catalogues and flyers are the most effective methods for local government communications.

This is what Quality Online Research found in its 2014 about advertising preferences and usefulness of information channels. They surveyed 9,641 Australians nation-wide. Part of the research looked at local councils and how various demographics reacted to different types of communication. The sample included:

  • youth
  • younger and older families
  • professionals of all ages
  • people doing home duties
  • retirees


The Survey results

The survey results were very interesting and unexpected because they showed that the top channel preferences are very consistent regardless of the demographic.

The top 4 most useful channels for all groups

  1. websites
  2. personalised direct mail
  3. catalogues and flyers
  4. press advertising


The least preferred channels for all groups

  • radio advertising
  • online display advertising
  • social media advertising
  •  outdoor advertising
  • telemarketing are not preferred by any demographic


What does this mean for local government advertising and marketing budgets?

Local governments who are currently using any of the least preferred channels may want to review their current strategy and channels and shift their budgets to the more useful channels.

Websites ranked highest for every demographic, making it clear how important it is for councils to have an easy-to-use and up-to-date website along with an integrated digital and print strategy.

Personalised direct mail was rated a close second for all demographics. The high potential for personalisation guarantees that council communications are received by the right residents.

Catalogues and flyers, ranked third for most demographics. These mediums allow councils to collate and deliver key information for residents that they can keep for later reference.

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