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Wheatbelt Way Drive Trail

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Client – North East Wheatbelt Regional Organisation of Councils (NEWROC)

NEWROC consists of the shires of Dowerin, Mt Marshal, Westonia, Wyalkatchem, Nungarin, Trayning, Mukinbuddin and Korda. As a group, the shires could tap into the Country Local Government Scheme – a Royalties for Regions funded grant scheme to assist rural shires by funding infrastructure projects. To receive the funding a Business Case that demonstrates the economic and social impact that for the local community is required.

NEWROC engaged David Duncanson to develop the Business Case and grant application. Using data from various sources, the projected impact was calculated. It was estimated that over a five year period, the trail would result in a total of 12,000 visitors, who woud spend over $2 million. The Business Case and grant application was submitted to the Department of Regional Development and subsequently a grant of over $1.3 million was awarded.


Having received the funding for the project, the Steering Committee employed a part time project manager to turn it into reality. Development of a marketing plan and creation of the brand and materials for the project was contracted to Kirkgate Consulting. The development of the brand, website, printed materials was then subcontracted to Tangelo.

Tangelo started by consulting with multiple shires and community representatives to develop the brand concepts.  The concepts feature stories and photos from long-time residents of the area, giving the material interest and real-life appeal.

The design was then applied to a trail booklet, a fold-out map, the website, graphics for a CD, signage and a display.

Delivery included:

  • Research and community consultation
  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Printed material – maps and booklets, CDs
  • Signage planning, design and installation  – wayfinding, interpretive and promotional
  • Website
  • Display (for field days and shows)

“We engaged the services of Tangelo Creative to work together with us to develop a brand, marketing material and signage for the Wheatbelt Way Self Drive Trail. We had set them a difficult task of working with eight local governments and a wide range of local stakeholders involved in tourism in our area to agree on a brand that would reflect our collective image, aspirations and enhance the experience tourists would have when visiting our region!!
The final products were fantastic and the experience of working with the Tangelo team was wonderful, they were professional, took the time to understand our requirements and were very patient as we went through the required design and revision processes. Now we continue to receive compliments on our great brand, all the products produced are of a high standard and we would recommend Tangelo Creative to any other local governments or tourism groups/business.”
Linda Vernon
Project Officer, Wheatbelt Way