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Shire of Toodyay – Visitor Information Bay

  • Shire of Toodyay Visitor Information Bay

  • Shire of Toodyay Visitor Information Bay

  • Shire of Toodyay Visitor Information Bay

  • Shire of Toodyay Visitor Information bay - Shire and Town maps

  • Shire of Toodyay Visitor Information bay


It took a while to design and plan but the Shire of Toodyay’s new visitor information bay is finally installed. The information bay is one of the key initiatives in the Shire’s tourism strategy. The Shire is aiming to increase visitor numbers, overnight stays and tourism spend. So, it’s essential they raise awareness of what’s on offer and generate interest with visitors.


Wayfound worked with the Shire to design and install an information bay that fit with the heritage feel of the town. It has a bullnose verandah and decorative pillars, which were inspired by the buildings in town. A selection of old photos is displayed to bring the town’s history to life.

We organised the information into three sections:

  1. Places of interest – things to do
  2. Maps for orientation and wayfinding
  3. Services and facilities – with small panels to enable businesses in the Shire to advertise what they offer.


In addition to the visitor information bay, Wayfound has also designed and produced map pads and completed a signage audit. The audit provides information for the Shire to understand the state of its signage and then plan and budget for improvements.

“From vision to reality – Kim and Crew at Wayfound have been outstanding with their professional and friendly assistance to the Shire of Toodyay.
One of our Strategic Community Plan projects is to complete a long overdue Tourism Information Bay structure. From the first meeting with Wayfound there was knowing that they would deliver something special for Toodyay, and they have.
A site visit to capture the heritage spirit of Toodyay was undertaken, along with consultation which included Shire Administration, Elected Members and Community Members. Ideas formed into concept plans. These plans were then presented to and adopted by Council.
Along the journey, any questions have been dealt with quickly and with a sense of humour, which has been very much appreciated during busy times.
Thank you Kim and Wayfound Crew. Will certainly keep in contact for any future projects.”
Audrey Bell
Manager of Community Development Shire of Toodyay