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Rockingham Foreshore Wayfinding Signage

  • Rockingham Foreshore Wayfinding main carpark location sign

  • Rockingham Foreshore Wayfinding sign

  • Rockingham Foreshore Interpretive sign

  • Rockingham Foreshore Interpretive and wayfinding signs

  • Rockingham foreshore signage

  • Rockingham foreshore signage


As part of the master planning process for the Rockingham foreshore, we worked with Fremantle-based urban designers, UDLA to design a brand and signage system for nine-kilometre a long stretch of coastline. The foreshore had always been a popular place for the community to enjoy the beaches and open space. But, it lacked good facilities, had a dated, run down appearance and there was little connectivity between the different areas. The master plan was aimed at improving the physical environment and creating a better experience for visitors.


Our role in the project was develop a coherent brand and signage to assist with wayfinding and enjoyment of the area. There was a lot of visual clutter and redundant, poorly maintained signage. Tangelo staff began the process with research, site visits, mapping the sites and working with UDLA to understand how the community would use the different areas.


Understanding the different areas and their uses lead us to propose that there be five distinct zones along the foreshore. Each zone would be named and have a distinct colour to differentiate it. Being able to easily identify the location was a priority in our thinking as this is critical to locating people quickly and easily, especially in an emergency situation.

For the branding, we designed a brand that is simple, fun, modern and fits with the beachside environment. It can work well on signage, marketing materials and in the digital environment.

We also developed a family of signage for the environment, including information panels, zone identification/orientation, directional signs and safety. Signage design and materials suggested considered the harsh beachside environment, durability and ease of maintenance.

Following extended internal consultation and a period of community consultation, the branding and proposed signage design was approved.