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Eyre Peninsula Regional Tourism Signage Strategy

  • Eyre Peninsula Regional Tourism Signage Strategy

  • Eyre Peninsula Regional Tourism Signage Strategy

  • Eyre Peninsula Regional Tourism Signage Strategy

  • Eyre Peninsula Regional Tourism Signage Strategy

  • Eyre Peninsula Regional Tourism Signage Strategy

  • Eyre Peninsula Regional Tourism Signage Strategy


South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula has an ambitious goal of growing its tourism economy from $283m in 2015 to $511m by 2020. To support this growth, in 2017 the Regional Development Australia Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula (RDAWEP), drafted a $980m strategy – Destination Eyre Peninsula Program (DEPP).

One of the key strategies in the DEPP is improving Signage and Wayfinding, specifically – Deliver a coordinated and consistent approach to the planning design and installation of tourism related signage in Eyre Peninsula.

It was acknowledged that existing tourism signage in the region does not enhance the visitor experience or adequately direct visitors to the region’s many significant attractions. It is does not constantly remind visitors where they are and reinforce the Eyre Peninsula destination experience.

About this project

In late 2017, the RDAWEP, on behalf of its 11 District Council members, commissioned Wayfound to develop a Regional Tourism Signage Strategy.  to support a consistent and collaborative approach to tourism throughout the region.

The project required Wayfound to:

  1.  undertake a physical audit of tourism related signage within the region, including access and facilities available at some of the region’s most popular beaches
  2. undertake research and stakeholder consultation
  3. document eligibility for tourism signage for the nominated tourist attractions in the region
  4. recommend signage improvements considering State and National tourism signage standards and guidelines
  5. develop a Regional Tourism Signage Strategy to provide a framework for all future decisions and spending on tourism related signage to be based

The physical audit covered 4,400 kilometres and over 1,000 signs.

Findings & results

There is a lot that can be done to improve tourism signage on the Eyre Peninsula and create a cohesive and seamless journey for visitors. Creating a consistent, recognisable family of signs for tourism in the Eyre Peninsula is a significant step in moving towards a unified regional experience for visitors. A good signage system uses signs correctly and in a predictable way and focuses on the needs of the visitor.

The Regional Tourism Signage Strategy provides detailed information about signage improvements at both the local and regional levels. The recommendations range from fixes that can be done in the short-term (eg: quick wins to ensure directional signage complies with the standards and guidelines) to significant strategic projects that require buy-in from local and state government. These include things like a regional steering committee to oversee implementation of the strategy, clarifying and developing the Eyre Peninsula tourism brand and improving drive trails like the existing Seafood Frontier.


“Wayfounds participation on the Eyes on Eyre Project has been invaluable bringing a level of expertise and down to earth practicality in sharing and discussing wayfinding/signage standards and expertise in growing the visitor economy.

Their knowledge and approach to addressing the complexities of signage auditing and interacting with eleven local governments are innovative, consultative and refreshing. Wayfound are tenacious and disciplined in their delivery of  project objectives.”

Jade Ballantine
Special Projects Manager
Regional Development Australia Whyalla & Eyre Peninsula

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