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  • Guido van Helten’s mural on silos at Brim.

13th April 2018

Large-scale art projects revitalising regional towns

Wayfound works with a lot of regional towns, shires and development organisations to develop trails and tourist attractions. They know they need to give people a reason to visit, to stay and to spend money.

And here’s a success story from the Wimmera-Mallee, Victoria, that we just read about. Their 200 kilometres long silo art trail is so impressive there was an article about it in the travel section of UK Guardian.

And the other good news is that in the year ending 30 June 2017, the Grampians experienced significant growth in visitor numbers, day trippers and visitor expenditure.

The author Lucy Gillmore wrote –

“Australia is a road-trip dream, with its big, bleached skies and wide, open stretches of tarmac. Until now, however, one route through rural Victoria’s wheatbelt has been a road less travelled – not so much off the beaten track as off the tourist radar entirely.”

Disused wheat silos have been larger than life symbols of the economic decline in many rural communities. This was until some pioneering artists saw them instead as huge canvasses. Guido van Helten was the first to paint a silo in Australia. Now other artists have joined in and silo art is popping up in many rural towns.

 Melbourne artist Rone’s mural on a silo at Lascelles. Photograph: Rone

Melbourne artist Rone’s mural on a silo at Lascelles

Sheep Hills silo in Victoria by Adnate

Sheep Hills silo in Victoria by Adnate

Silo art in Kimba in the Eyre Peninsula, SA by Cam Scale

Silo artwork

Progress shot of the silo art in Kimba

Kimba SA silo artwork in progress

Is there something your community, town or region can do to create a unique experience and give visitors a reason to visit?

Here are a couple of inspiring stories about town’s that have or are tyring to put themselves on the map.

Collie WA – Australia’s most lucrative regional art prize

Midwest of the USA – A mountain biking mecca

Shire of Northam WA – the soon to be opened Aboriginal and Environmental Interpretive Centre

Header image: Guido van Helten’s mural on silos at Brim. Photograph: Round 3 Creative