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28th August 2015

Good Signage Helps to Attract Tourists to your Destination

Well-branded, interesting and Good Signage Helps to Attract Tourists to your Destination. It provides an opportunity to promote what your area has on offer.

We’ve seen some new tourism/destination brands being launched in WA recently. There’s Your Margaret River and the Peel regional brand. Gateway signs have been erected in the Peel region. So, it reminds us of the importance of using appealing and functional signage to promote and attract visitors to your area.

Peel Region Branding  designed by The Cut Creative


Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 9.53.44 am

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 9.53.57 am

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 9.54.19 am
Margaret River Branding designed by Block Branding 

Using Gateway Signage is important

A gateway sign is displayed for the sole purpose of promoting a ‘welcome ‘ and/or ‘thank you’ message for arriving or leaving travellers, or promoting a tourist way or a regional theme. Gateway signs are typically located on the approach to a state/territory border, a state or local tourism region, a local government or town site boundary, or at the beginning of themed tourist way.

Gateway signs give a sense of the place by using the visual branding of the place.

Once you get visitors off the highway, you can use well-branded enhancing signage. Enhancing signage across the area helps direct people to points of interest and gives them a sense of the place, increases awareness of what’s on offer and can be used to promote the events, festivals and experiences. Signs are expensive to design and install, so destinations should think carefully about their branding and how they apply it to signage to get the most benefit. There are guidelines available at Tourism WA to help.

Principles of good tourism signage design

Design, manufacture and installation of gateway and other tourism signage should comply with the following principles:
–        be consistent with the area’s brand for easy recognition and promotion
–        be legible at the prevailing traffic speed
–        be uncluttered and use minimal words to facilitate maximum comprehension
–        work together as a signage system – to provide coherence
–        be conspicuous – be in the right place and clearly visible