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  • Edenvale Interpretative sign

10th February 2017

A long time in the making …

Some projects take longer than others and the Shire of Murray’s Edenvale Historic Precinct branding and signage project was one of the longer running ones, primarily because of staged funding rounds.

Edenvale was the home of the McLarty family, early pioneers of the Pinjarra district. Edenvale and the surrounding buildings make up the historic precinct and a variety of local community groups now tenants on the site.

We first started working on the project in 2013 when the Shire received LotteryWest funding to develop the precinct branding. Over the last 3 years as grants became available, we continued with the project – creating site maps, designing all of the wayfinding, interpretive and facility signs and finally coordinating the production and installation of the signage system in late 2016.

It’s taken a while to get there but the overall project has been well received. It presents the precinct and it historic buildings in an interesting and informative manner.

Wayfinding Brolga Sign

Edenvale Wayfinding Sign - George St Entrance

Interpretative sign – Southern Wing

Edenvale Interpretative sign - Southern Wing

Left: Wayfinding sign – Entrance Right: Facility sign for the Arts & Crafts Shop

Edenvale signs - Entrance and Arts and Crafts shop

Facility sign for the Old School

Edenvale Facilities sign - Old School

Interpretative sign – Old Schoolmaster’s House

Edenvale Interpretative sign - Old Schoolmaster's House

Facility sign for the Heritage Rose Garden


Left: Interpretative sign – Heritage Rose Garden Right: Wayfinding entrance sign