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27th November 2015

2015 Google research into Australian smartphone user activities

Google surveyed smartphone users across Australia and discovered that they access the internet frequently and in short bursts.

Google’s calling these micro moments. Google found that for 85{8e6d983e74874acb387086f732b9e8bca692130348b310c73ee91b097eb7ecc6} of smartphone users, these micro moments can be categorised into the following activities.

To_know_145x145pxI want to know

  • 81{8e6d983e74874acb387086f732b9e8bca692130348b310c73ee91b097eb7ecc6} search for information needed immediately
  • 55{8e6d983e74874acb387086f732b9e8bca692130348b310c73ee91b097eb7ecc6} search when unexpected circumstances arise


To_go_145x145pxI want to go

  • 63{8e6d983e74874acb387086f732b9e8bca692130348b310c73ee91b097eb7ecc6} search to locate professional services (eg: dentists, doctors)
  • 1 in 2 searches is to choose where to eat

To_do_145x145pxI want to do

  • 87{8e6d983e74874acb387086f732b9e8bca692130348b310c73ee91b097eb7ecc6} of 18 to 24yo women search for health & beauty how-to info
  • 58{8e6d983e74874acb387086f732b9e8bca692130348b310c73ee91b097eb7ecc6} search for info on how to fix something on their phones

To_buy_145x145pxI want to buy

  • 68{8e6d983e74874acb387086f732b9e8bca692130348b310c73ee91b097eb7ecc6} search for product info in-store before deciding to buy
  • 50{8e6d983e74874acb387086f732b9e8bca692130348b310c73ee91b097eb7ecc6} search for info about brands they didn’t know about previously


Why is this data important to businesses?

This data provides key insights into the behaviour of smartphone users that a lot of value for businesses. So, businesses need to think like their users when organising and presenting their information online. What activity are your customer’s likely to be doing when searching your website? Is it easy and simple to do this? Is your website mobile-friendly and optimised to give the best possible experience and for your business to achieve the results you’re aiming for?

Contact Wayfound for an initial consultation about your website. And don’t forget to check if your website is optimised for mobile with this Google’s test. Source think.storage.googleapis.comthink.storage.googleapis.com/docs/4-new-moments-every-australian-marketer-should-know