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Wheatbelt Way Trail App

  • Wheatbelt Way app

  • Wheatbelt Way app

  • Wheatbelt Way app


We have been working on the Wheatbelt Way since before it was launched in 2012. This has including developing its branding, signage, website, brochures and maps. The trail is approximately 900k’s and has 24 sites to explore and learn about the Northeastern Goldfields in WA.

The operators wanted to offer another option for visitors to learn about the history, drive the trail and explore the area. The aim is to improve the visitor experience, increase visitor numbers and support local businesses and the community. It was decided that a mobile app would complement the existing materials.


We designed a simple to use, appealing interface that enables visitors to enjoy the trail sites and also get information about local services. Users can find, search, track and read information about the sites all at a touch of a finger on their mobile device.

Importantly, the all of the information contained within the app is available even when there is no internet coverage (as long as the app has been downloaded previously).

Another feature is that visitors can register their trip for safety purposes. Users are asked to add their details, the number of passengers, start and end points, dates of travel and emergency contact. Having this information allows the trail operators to track the vehicle’s last destination using GPS. This helps to define the search area if an emergency occurs during the trip and the party needs to be rescued. This has the potential to save substantial funds for search and rescue.

The ‘push notifications’ feature allows the trail operators to keep in touch and advise users of potential hazards (eg: road closures, inclement weather, etc.)

Other features of the APP:

  • Real-time GPS: track your location on a map at all times
  • Stories relevant to each site
  • Sectional Trail Maps that detail each section of the journey
  • Services: Find a meal, accommodation, shopping, fuel or Visitor Centres
  • Trail Audio that provides town and site history
  • Instant sharing on social media

Download the Wheatbelt Way self drive trail app from the App Store