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Shire of Murray – Edenvale Homestead Signage

  • Edenvale Wayfinding Sign - George St Entrance

  • Edenvale Interpretative sign - Southern Wing

  • Edenvale signs - Entrance and Arts and Crafts shop

  • Edenvale Facilities sign - Old School

  • Edenvale Interpretative sign - Old Schoolmaster's House

Client – Shire of Murray – Edenvale Homestead

The Edenvale Homestead is a significant heritage site on the banks of the Murray River in Pinjarra. The site has a mix of heritage buildings including the homestead, a church, schoolhouse, a cemetery and gardens. Community groups use the buildings and the site attracts locals and out-of-town visitors. The site lacked clear wayfinding and interpretive signage to explain its significance and to create a good visitor experience. The Shire received a LotteryWest heritage grant for branding and design of interpretive, facility and wayfinding signage. After mapping the site to understand the visitor journey and user requirements, we designed a visual brand that unites the site. The brand was then applied to all of the site wayfinding, interpretive and facility signage.

“I have been working with Tangelo Creative for the last two years in my capacity as Tourism Officer at the Shire of Murray. During this time we have successfully worked together on a range of large and small scale tourism projects including a series of walking maps for Lane Pool Reserve area and the development of a whole site signage and branding concept for Edenvale Homestead.The Edenvale Homestead signage was a particularly complex project requiring the development of branding, a site map and some 38 signs (a mixture of interpretative, way-finding and facility signs). The project spanned a 12 month period and was funded by Lottery West and Royalties for Regions ($30,000 in total).
Tangelo were an important part of ensuring the project was completed to time and to a very high standard. The successful acquittal of both grants and the community support for the new signage designs is testament to Tangelo Creative’s professionalism, creativity and competence. We now look forward to working with them on stage two of this project, (manufacture and installation of the new signs), subject to a successful funding application this year. I can confidently recommend Tangelo Creative’s services to you and am sure you will enjoy an excellent working relationship with them.”
Rebecca McCauley
Tourism Officer, Shire of Murray