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Pilbara Regional Signage Strategy

  • Tourist Drive 351

  • Onslow Visitor Centre and Museum sign

  • Directional and Service signs in northern WA

  • Tourist signs in Northern WA

  • Murujuga National Park sign

  • Yaburara Heritage Trail sign

  • Peawah WA rest stop sign


Wayfound was commissioned by the Pilbara Regional Council (PRC) to complete this project. The purpose of the strategy is to provide a framework for improving tourism signage throughout the region. The aim is to create a unified, consistent approach to signage so that visitors have a whole of region experience.


The project required:

  • an audit of all tourism signage on main roads – a total area over 3,000 kilometres and 540 signs was included; recommended changes to according Main Roads WA and local council policies
  • desktop research and review of all previous documents
  • review of the main tourism drive trail through the Pilbara, the Warlu Way, and the supporting maps/materials
  • review of visitor information centres and services
  • development of a standard family of tourism signs – including regional entry statements, visitor information boards, wayfinding, interpretive and trailhead
  • community and stakeholder consultation
  • development of a creative brief for design of a Pilbara Regional Tourism brand
  • delivery of the draft strategy at a regional workshop – to gather input from regional stakeholders
  • development of an implementation plan with priorities and resources required to implement the strategy


Wayfound delivered the strategy on time, on budget and to the PRC’s requirements. Our approach and emphasis on improving the regional tourism experience helped to strengthen collaboration between the local councils and the visitor information services. The PRC is now undertaking an extensive regional consultation process before implementation.